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Jamboree - Award Winning Stories integrated with Language Arts


Jamboree is a story-based resource for children who have not yet started to be able to read by themselves. The aim is that children will encounter English in the context of a story, and that meaning and understanding will be supported by the storybooks illustrations, flashcards and songs.

6 Story Books, 1 Audio CD, 1 Bear Hand Puppet & 1 Activity Guide

I Looked Through My Window

The Monster Pet

You Noisy Monkey

The Cat and the Monkey's Tail

I Wish I Had a Monster

Walking Through the Jungle


Each Pack consists of:

Six story books - written by award winning authors.

These full-colour books provide lively stories, in authentic English, with strong visual support for the teacher and the children. Although all the stories are recorded in the accompanying audio cd, we strongly suggest you read them to the child yourself as well. This will involve the child much more and will allow you more time for using objects, gestures and expressions at the appropriate moment.

Rhymes, Songs, Chants & Story Reading for all titles.

1 Compact Disc (Audio CD)

The CD contains a wide variety of chants, rhymes and songs as well as lively readings of each story. When you play the child a story on the CD, show him/her the story book at the same time. Children will enjoy the rhythm and actions found in the rhymes. Chants are used to practise the rhythm of English, to consolidate the pronunciation of new vocabulary, and for teaching intonation and stress patterns.

Hand Puppets

1 Hand Puppet
The hand puppet can be used for activities, practice, and revision. It can also be used to conduct short dialogues with the child/children.

Activity Guide
The Activity Guide provides a step-by-step guide to each session, integrating fun activities with the stories, music and hand puppets. Other resources include:

  • Photocopiable Masters (PCM)
  • Flashcards (Photocopiable)





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