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Rigby Collections - Exposing the mind to the world of Genres (Set of 4 books)

Each Rigby Literacy Collections contains a sixty-four page anthology of short texts organised according to the genre. Each collection contains a whole spectrum of genres- recounts, procedures, reports, poetry, biography, fictional extracts from some of the world's finest literature, as well as many other variations of these genres.

Each anthology includes:

  • levelled texts that support and challenge middle and upper-primary students
  • a comprehensive coverage of different types of narratives, reports, recounts, procedures and descriptions.

Animal Journeys - Literary Recount

Genre: Literary Recount (Excerpt: Collections 4, pages 38-39)

Historical Recount

Genre: Historical Recount (Excerpt: Collections 4, pages 44-45)

Genre: Information Report (Excerpt: Collections 5, pages 8-9)

In the Barn 

Genre: Fiction Extract from Charlotte's Web by EB White (Excerpt: Collections 5, pages 16-17)


Genre: Biography (Excerpt: Collections 6: pages 40-41)


Genre: Description (Excerpt: Collections 6: pages 62-63)



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