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Rigby Literacy

The award reading Rigby Literacy is a sequential guided reading series that provides carefully levelled fiction and non-fiction books for developing readers (3-7 year olds).

Guided Reading Books:

  • are Reading Recovery levelled
  • include a balance of fiction and non-fiction
  • cover a wide range of genres that can be used as models for writing
  • provide clear visual cues to support the text
  • are sequentially organised to build on high-frequency words, sight vocabulary and phonics introduced in previous level

Emergent Level
Set of 15 titles.

Look! Now Look!Curly Finds a HomeNed's Noise MachineScaredy CatDoes a Penguin Have Fur?My HolidayNext Door PetsThe Animal WalkThe CubbyhouseBig and LittleGoing ShoppingHow Has It Changed?I Like to JumpThe New HatWhat a Week!

At the Emergent level, high frequency words are gradually introduced, and language structures are repeated for reinforcement. Strong visual support helps the reader derive meaning from the text. Many of the stories features rhythm and rhyme to help early readers predict the text and to encourage reading with expression.

Next Door Pets
Excerpt: Next Door Pets


How Has It Changed
Excerpt: How Has It Changed?

Early Level
(Set of 22 titles)

Eel! Look At This!Have You Got Everything?Help!Here Is A BoxI Can't Open It!In the GardenRun For ItSpecial PlacesUh OhWhats It Made OfWhere Is Curly?Animal FeetBirthday BallonsEarsEveryone Says Sh-h-h-h-h!How to Make a Bird FeederA Ball Called SamMy PlantSo That's What It Is!SocksThe Lion's DinnerDiggers

At the Early level, more variety of genres and language structures are introduced including Play, Procedural, Narrative, Recount, Science Fiction, Humour etc. Children will be exposed a variety of language structures and at the same time expanding his/her vocabulary. 

Excerpt: Help!

I Can't Open It!
Excerpt: I Can't Open It!

Excerpt: Socks

Fluent Level
Set of 28 titles.

Charlie and the BridesmaidGood VibrationsPeanutsThe Emperor's New ClothesThe Gizmo's TripTraining a Guide DogUp Up and Away!A Prince Among DonkeysCount on Your BOdyDon't Stand On That InsectHead First Into the PorridgeMagnetsStepping Through TimeThe Gizmos' PartyThe Mystery of Mrs KimThe Piano RecitalThe SecretAlways ElephantAnimal SensorsFirst FireLizards and SnakesNew Clues About DinosaursRed Nose FrostRoller COaster ScienceSpace Station OrionTeethThe Middle of NowhereThe Picky Prince

At the Fluent level, more variety of genres and language structures are introduced including Play, Procedural, Narrative, Recount, Science Fiction, Humour etc. Children will be exposed a variety of language structures and at the same time expanding his/her vocabulary. 

The Piano Recital
Excerpt: The Piano Recital

Training a Guide Dog
Excerpt: Training a Guide Dog

Up Up and Away!
Excerpt: Up Up and Away!

Jodi reads the storybook to me and she enjoys its very much. Parent of Jodi (BP)

Yes! She loves reading this story very much! We took a part each and read the scripts. She enjoys the
role play.-Parent of Cheryl Chin(BP)

I am glad she is learning more and more words. She is able to recognize high frequency words in the
current books and books she had read before. I'm beginning to see the benefits of the reading
Parent of Rebecca: K1 (KL)

Wen Feng's interest in reading has recently become very evident and readily tries to read the story,
much more than previously (when he could only “guess” the story through looking at the
pictures/graphics). Please continue to encourage him to do so in school, too. Thanks
-Parent of Wen Feng: K1 (KL)

His reading is getting better and the tone is right. In fact I am rather impressed!
-Parent of Kevin: K1 (KL)

Samuel was able to read the entire book by himself to us. That was excellent! We could also see how
much he enjoyed reading it himself. Thank you for the hard work put into teaching him.
-Parent of Samuel Hellwig: K1 (KL)

Thank you very much for your great effort and effective technique in teaching and guiding the children
especially Mirabel. Yes, she can read very well, for all the sentences and words taught in class. Great job!We really appreciate your effort and dedication....-
Parent of Mirabel Lim: K2 (KL)

Yes, I have noticed his interest in reading and trying to spell words new to him.
Parent of Ali: Nur(HB)

Glad to learn that he can turn the pages. Vernon makes me read with him whenever he can, can see that
he's eager to learn.
- Parent of Vernon: PG2 (KM)

Chloe enjoyed sharing and reading the book with her little sister Zoie. Just like the pictures on page 4 & 12(My Mum and Dad Take Care of Me), the girls were brought to the beach on Sunday and both had
a great time cycling and playing with sand castles. She now shows greater interest in reading; takes the
initiative to 'read' the story book and tries to tell the story from the pictures using her imagination.
-Parent of Chloe: PG2 (KM)

Jarell asked me for his toothpaste box a week ago before this record book arrived- believed he could
relate to the story (Here Is A Box). The book followed him everywhere he goes (in/out of home) since
Friday. He reads it everywhere now and then. He's also able to read out loud without looking at the book with the entire sequence in order.
- Parent of Jarell : K2 (KM).


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