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Rigby Star Phonics & Fast Phonics First


Rigby Star Phonics is an exciting series of fiction and non-fiction phonically decodable readers designed to enable children to apply their phonics skills to reading, spelling, fluency and comprehension. Phonemes


Rigby Star Phonics follows the order of phoneme introduction as recommended by UK's Primary National Strategy's Letters and Sounds. We begin at Set 1 and continue through to Set 27.

Tim's DinSid's PitSid Did ItSid's Nits

Kit's KipKat and DanDig Sid DigKit and Dog

Tut Tut PupSid and DuckIn the PitSid's Pet Rat

A Bad LadDoll Is IllBig Fat RatThe Bop



Sets 6-11 introduces consonant digraphs (phonemes represented by two letters, such as "ch" and "sh") and moves through to more challenging long vowel digraphs and trigraphs (for example, "ee" and "air"). By the end of Phase 3 children have learnt approximately 44 phonemes and their common spelling patterns. This body of knowledge is often referred to as the "simple code"

Max's BoxSid is SickA Big WinNan's ManJack Gets a PetGo to Bed

Sid and ZakQuick! Quick! Quick!Slip Slap SlopThe Fox and the DucksA PicnicThe Hunt

No LunchChick Gets LostMixing MuffinsSand ChampSid and Nan InventMunching Lunch

The Queen's PlanMeet ZinzanThis Floats, That SinksGo FishPandasRock Pooling

Up to the StarsBrown Fox Tricks StorkA Green LunchIn the DarkSid-camOn the Farm

Dex and the FunfairHairPanther and FrogA Letter from DorsetSummer StormEek a Bug

Sets 13-27 teaches alternative spellings of the phonemes. This body of knowledge is often referred to as the "complex code".

Phase 5

.Giant George and the Robin
Excerpt: Giant George and the Robin


Sample Sid Did It
Excerpt: Sid Did It!

Sample: Sid Snaps
Excerpt: Sid Snaps

Sample The Fox and Ducks
Excerpt: The Fox and Ducks


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Rigby Star Phonics is a series of fiction and non-fiction phonically decodable readers, which will help children apply and consolidate their phonics skills and guarantee to put fun into phonics!

Rigby Star Phonics brings you a series of motivating and rewarding readers which have been written to match the order of phoneme introduction in both Rigby Star's phonics teaching programme, Fast Phonics First, and the Primary National Strategy's Letters and Sounds. The series begins after just 8 phonemes have been taught, providing children with real texts to read and enjoy at the earliest possible point. Each reader is visually appealing, with photographs and modern artwork that add to the depth and richness of the text. The text itself is meaningful, lively and informative.

Package includes:

  • 67 Rigby Star Phonics books (Sets 1 - 27)

Optional Software: Fast Phonics First which includes

  • 2 Teaching Guides - Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1 (Provides valuable in-depth lesson plans &photocopiable worksheets)
  • 1 CD-ROM : Fast Phonics First Software (Windows compatible) [Teaching guide covers how to utilise the software to teach]



Fast Phonics First

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Fast Phonics First uses synthetic phonics to teach reading and spelling, and covers all the word recognition content for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 recommended in the Primary Framework. It is the product of 7 years' research in Clackmannanshire, Scotland, which achieved remarkable gains in reading skills among those children who followed the programme.

Fast Phonics First unites the proven pedagogy of the original programme with the most engaging and motivating delivery methods, enlivening the teaching of phonics with a combination of aural, visual and kinaesthetic approaches.

Package includes:

Fast Phonics First CD-ROM :

- interactive lessons with all the resources you need at the touch of a button
- interactive games for independent work
- printable photocopy masters for guided independent work
- printable versions of all the resources, including assessment materials
- guidance on software use and programme delivery
PC Compatible: Minimum Windows XP / Vista

2 Teaching Guides (Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1)

Teaching Guides

  • Nichola Gale
    Spring Term, 2008
    Learning Support
    "Used to consolidate their Fast Phonics First programme, Rigby Star Phonics books are also aligned to Letters and Sounds and if the two books sent for review are anything to go by effectively fill many of the gaps left by other phonic reading schemes.

    A Picnic is a Phase 3, Set 7 book and is instantly set apart from the crowd by being a phonically decodable non-fiction book featuring multicultural characters.

    Sid Snaps is a Phase 4 fictional story, consolidating high frequency words. It combines illustrations with photographs and uses slightly more street-wise language ("kids" as opposed to "children"). Both books have helpful 'user instructions', making them an excellent resource for teachers and support staff alike."
  • January 2008
    Nursery Education
    Best Buy: Rigby Star Phonics
    "This programme is the only phonics product that is 100 per cent aligned to Letters and Sounds. Fun, easy to use and great value!"
  • December 2007
    Early Years Educator
    Resource of the Month: Rigby Star Phonics

    "Fast Phonics First uses synthetic phonics to teach reading and spelling and covers all of the word recognition content for the foundation stage and key stage 1, recommended in the Primary Framework... The combinations of aural, visual and kinaesthetic approaches help children to have fun learning and absorbing all they can in a fun and engaging way while they build up essential pre-requisite skills for reading.
    ...the children in my setting enjoyed the Rigby Star books and computer programmes so much, they were often seen extending their own learning using the whiteboards or magnetic letters to write sentences like 'Sid did it' and 'The cat sat on the mat' or 'Tut tut pup'.

    This is a superb resource for any early years setting either to use in isolation or as a supporting resource to other schemes."
  • John Bald
    18 September 2007
    The Guardian
    "[Fast Phonics First] has been modified to fit the government's Letters and Sounds paper… It's a valuable addition to early reading resources and demands serious consideration by all schools."
  • John Galloway
    12 December 06
    The Guardian
    Visual treats and Superphonic beats John Galloway reports on what's in store for tommorow's early years classrooms at BETT 07.
  • 17th March 2006
    BBC Online
    How Phonics became as easy as a-b-c BBC news website education reporter Angela Harrison writes about Harcourt’s collaboration with Professor Rhona Johnston and Dr Joyce Watson, who set out to boost the literacy skills of children starting school in Clackmannanshire and explains more about Harcourt’s involvement with phonics teaching and Fast Phonics First Interactive
  • 20th March 2006
    BBC Online
    Teaching of reading to be revised The BBC News Online team report on the revisions to the National Curriculum, proposed in the review headed by Jim Rose and refers to the advances reported in children’s reading and spelling as part of the Clackmannanshire project.
    Prof.Rhona Johnston and Dr Joyce Watson
    The effects of synthetic phonics teaching on reading and spelling attainment The detailed report from the Clackmannanshire team and authors of Fast Phonics First into the findings from their seven year longitudinal study, presented on the Scottish Executive website.
  • 20th March 2006
    The Rose Review Final Report
    The Rose Review Final Report The online version of the final report and recommendations made by Jim Rose and his team, on the DfES Standards Site.
  • Alison Hughes, Bagshot Infant School, Reception Teacher

    "This [Rigby Star Fast Phonics First Reception: Years 1 and 2 CD-ROM] is a brilliant resource for delivering the new phonics programme. I would recommend the investment and hope that the next resource available will be the books on CD for use with a whiteboard."

  • Mrs Kendall, Primary School, Teaching Assistant

    "We have recently bought [the Rigby Star Phonics Guided Readers Easy Buy Pack, Framework Edition] and found the books very charming, value for money and interesting. The children have loved them."

  • Primary 2 Teacher - Participated within the Clackmannanshire study

    "Best results ever achieved — never seen before in 30 years of teaching. One child writing own story aged 4. Writing and spelling amazing. I would normally have expected such work at Primary 3 stage. Children were also motivated."

  • Primary 1 Teacher, Clackmannanshire, Scotland

    "Synthetic phonics (Fast Phonics First)has provided staff development opportunities alongside curricular development and has empowered both teachers and pupils."

  • Mandy Gollings, St. Bernadette's Catholic Primary, Literacy Co-ordinator and KS1 Teacher

    We all love Fast Phonics First! The alphabet song can be heard across the school every morning and the children find the characters loveable and fun! They are so motivated by the beautiful animated games and by the structure of the lessons. It is interactive and multi-sensory - involving all types of learner....l we are definitely buying it for our school. Parents have commented on their children's motivation and we have noticed a really increased success rate with their learning. Long may it continue!



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