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Sunshine Phonics- (Alphabet / Letter Blends Pack)


Sunshine Phonics is suitable for children aged between 1 to 6 years old. Children learn to recognise theletters of the alphabet and read simple sentences. They also learn to develop decoding skills through simple and fun rhymes. Stories are written to highlight rhyming sounds to develop phonemic awareness.

Pack of 26 titles and 1 Lettergetter CD-Rom (Mac & Windows compatible)

Lettergetter/alphabet books are designed to help children use reading strategies, such as initial letters as clues to reading words. The alphabet books can be used to:

  • teach and assess alphabet skills, so essential in learning to read and write;
  • help children recognise the upper and lower case letters;
  • help children connect letters to their sounds, particularly initial sounds of vowels and consonants;
  • help children to learn how to write letters; develop a love of, and interest in, words and letters.

Book Features


Lettergetter Alphabet Software (Test drive the demo below!)

All 26 books in the alphabet pack are brought to life on animated and interactive CD-Rom (Mac OSX Tiger & Windows XP- NOTE: CD-ROM has to remain in the drive in order for the software to work).

The following is a full demo of the book title "Lettergetter Loves D" . Enjoy!

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Set of 24 titles and 1 Big Book (Crocodile Crunching Crackers).

Letter Blends

Sunshine Phonics Letter Blend books focuses on ways to learn the most commonly found two letter blends and digraphs in the context of stories.

Letter Blend Books

Flip Flap Flop

Excerpt: Flop, Flap Flip ( fl ).

It is essential for precise word analyses that children learn to hear the consonant clusters at the beginning of words - the blends and digraphs (two letters that make one sound).

The Mouse Plays with the Plane

Excerpt: The Mouse Plays with the Plane ( pl )

Corocdile Crunching Crackers

Big Book: Crocodile Crunching Crackers

Lots of funny and tongue-ticklish rhymes that develop phonemic awareness.

Dimension (mm): 298 (w) x 391 (h). 24pp.



Letter Blends


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