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Levels : Emergent | Early | Fluent


National Geographic Windows on Literacy™ : Emergent (Set of 18 titles)

Recommended for children aged between 3 to 6 years old.

Windows on Literacy™ offers a rich resource of developmental non-fiction books for beginning readers. This programme carefully develops basic literacy skills as it introduces chidren to the world of ideas and knowledge. Focusing on the key concepts in science maths and social studies, Windows on Literacy™ taps into children's natural curiosity about the world.

At the Emergent stage, children continue to develop an understanding that print carries a message. Children read simple, predictable texts with strong picture support. Features at this stage include:

  • simple text with single concept/topic
  • familiar concepts, objects and actions
  • predictable text structures
  • natural oral language patterns
  • close picture/text match.


FlagsHow Many?Some Things Float


Maths content. Collecting data and learning how to read graphs.

Procedural text. Reading instructions to achieve desired results.




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